FEC has been awarding scholarships to students in the community of East Chicago since 1998. Kari Sayers received her FEC scholarship in the year 2000 and has since accomplished more than she could have ever dreamed.


Kari was awarded an FEC scholarship in the amount of $5,000 as a senior at East Chicago Central High School. After graduation, she used that money to help pay her tuition at Xavier University in Ohio where she received a B.A. in Athletic Training.


“My college experience helped to mold me into a well-rounded person and introduced me to diverse opportunities that I may not have otherwise experienced,” said Kari.


Even after receiving a degree, Kari didn’t stop. She then went on to obtain her Master’s in Health Services Administration.


“Receiving the scholarship allowed me to spend less time worrying about college expenses and more time focused on learning,” said Kari.


Kari is a great example of why FEC has continued to grow the scholarship program over the years. A central idea at FEC is that if East Chicago students are given the opportunity to pursue their dreams, there is nothing that can stop them.


Kari encourages all East Chicago students to apply for the FEC scholarships to make the costs of their college educations more manageable.


“Don’t hesitate to apply,” said Kari. “Take advantage of opportunities to decrease college expenses as much as you possibly can.”


For more information on the FEC scholarship program and its alumni, visit foundationsec.org.