With college tuition rates at an all-time high, scholarships are becoming increasingly important in the lives of those planning to further their educations. One individual who can attest to the impact that scholarships have on students is East Chicago Central High School alum D’Angelo Gonzalez.


Gonzalez is just one of 43 East Chicago high school students who received a Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) scholarship in May 2015. Those students are now enrolled in colleges and universities across the country and taking full advantage of their financial awards.


“My scholarship has really helped me go through with my plan because I am able to afford school,” said Gonzalez.


Gonzalez and his fellow scholarship recipients were chosen from a list of applicants to receive the scholarships based on their GPA and whether they were granted admission into a college or university.


FEC issues high school scholarships in varying amounts. Gonzalez received a $6,000 scholarship which he is currently using towards an Information Systems degree at University of Indianapolis.


In addition to high school scholarships, FEC also awards annual nontraditional, American Honors and Ivy Tech scholarships to East Chicago residents looking to further their education. The stated goal of the scholarship program is to give East Chicago students the opportunity to pursue their educational dreams.


“I would like to thank FEC for allowing me to follow my dream and being there for me,” said Gonzalez.


To learn more about the FEC scholarship program, visit foundationsec.org.