WOW Fest is an annual celebration held in East Chicago by the Greater Destiny Bible Church. The festival includes live gospel music performances, a Kids Zone, a Senior Tent, a Health Carnival and numerous free giveaways. This year’s festival took place on August 2 and featured one of the largest turnouts the event has seen. Let’s take a look back on some facts and figures from previous WOW Fest celebrations to see how this event has gotten to where it is today.


-WOW Fest started in 2007 as a picnic put on by GDBC to promote positivity in the community of East Chicago.


-The first official WOW Fest was held on August 28, 2008 at Tod Park in East Chicago.


-The festival has hosted over 21,000 attendees in its eight years.


-Funding, services and supplies for WOW Fest come from many local organizations including the Foundations of East Chicago, NIPSCO and the School Board of East Chicago.


-WOW Fest attendees can receive haircuts, hair braids, school supplies, immunizations, food and health information all free of charge.


Over the years, WOW Fest has grown and developed numerous activities that have drawn residents all over NWI to the event. For more information on WOW Fest, connect with Greater Destiny Bible Church on Facebook.