The I Too Sing American Organization of NWI is mostly known for its summer music festival called Celebrating Black Music in the Park. However, since the organization got its start in 2008, it has been providing various types of events for all Northwest Indiana residents. Although these events are a lot of fun for everyone involved, the members of ITSA of NWI say that their greatest accomplishments are when they can give back to those who really deserve it. Below is a list of some of the ways that ITSA of NWI has given back to the people of the region in the past seven years.


-ITSA of NWI has awarded 14 scholarships in the amount of $500 each to students in Northwest Indiana


-ITSA has provided a free, four-week long musical workshop for 85 teenagers in Northwest Indiana to develop their musical talents


-ITSA of NWI has held a Teen Idol competition in which three local winners received $600 in prizes and a chance to work in a recording studio with a local promoter


-ITSA has partnered with the East Chicago Public Library for three years to provide a free Martin Luther King Jr. celebration for the public which included the distribution of food baskets to local food pantries, needy community members and the Boys and Girls Club


-ITSA of NWI has also sponsored their Singsation Competition for adults in which $1000 in prizes was awarded to three winners


ITSA of NWI has made it its mission to not only educate the community on African American music culture but also to help those in need. For more information on ITSA of NWI, visit