The I Too Sing American Organization of NWI is a non-profit group that holds events to educate the people of East Chicago and the rest of the region on African American artistic culture and history. While the organization is primarily known for its largest event, a summer festival called Celebrating Black Music in the Park, ITSA has also held many other events for the people of East Chicago. Check out the following list to learn more about what ITSA has done to benefit citizens of the region.


-Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Reception: Each year since ITSA of NWI began in 2008, the organization has held a ceremony for honoring African American musicians from NWI being inducted into the Black Music Hall of Fame.


-2010 Dinner Theater: In 2010, an ITSA of NWI member had written a musical drama. The group recruited cast members to act in the play. ITSA of NWI then performed the piece in a dinner theater setting for a group of locals.


-Sponsored Trips: Over the years, ITSA of NWI has sponsored trips to various events held at McCormick Place in Chicago for locals who wanted to attend. The trips not only provided easy transportation for those traveling but also allowed them to enjoy the event with a group of friends.


-Parties: ITSA of NWI has sponsored several parties on the lake as a means of raising money for future scholarship fundraisers.


-Scholarship Fundraisers: The funds garnered from the parties were used to put on “Mardi Gras East Chicago Style” scholarship fundraisers from 2011-2014. The funds raised from these events were awarded to East Chicago students in the form of college scholarships.


ITSA of NWI holds events that benefit all members of the East Chicago community. For more information, visit