FEC is a nonprofit organization based out of East Chicago, Ind. with the mission of improving the quality of life for those living in the city. This is primarily done through scholarship awards and grants.


Many of the organizations to which FEC provides grants are small nonprofits with visions of helping children or underprivileged people in East Chicago. However, these organizations are often without the financial means to develop their visions. FEC grants help these programs to get up and running, but some of them still need coaching and education on how to sustain their businesses. FEC then refers these groups to IYI.


“This collaboration with FEC has allowed our organizations to work together and find a solution we believe will address local needs,” said Augustine. “That’s very rewarding for those of us who work at IYI.”


While the FEC and IYI collaboration is relatively new, it has already started impacting several organizations that have a meaningful impact around the region.


“Collaborating with FEC allows IYI to carry out its mission in what we believe is an important part of the state: Lake County,” said Augustine.


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