Cedric O. Gamble, Sr.


The Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) mourns the passing of our Board Member, colleague, and friend, Cedric Gamble.  Cedric loved living and serving in East Chicago as he held many positions in various organization within the community such as the East Chicago Black Expo, NAACP, Calumet Social Club and the Boys and Girls Club.  Cedric, retired from Inland Steel, joined the FEC family in 2005.

Throughout his tenure Cedric was an exemplary member, attending every meeting, many site visits and numerous community events.  Cedric was supportive, genuine and passionate about his work with FEC and the people around him. He had a great sense of humor, a fabulous smile and his intent was always to serve his community, especially the youth.  We are forever grateful to Cedric for his dedication, contributions, loyalty, inspiration and friendship.  Deeply admired and respected by all who had the special privilege to know and work with him, Cedric will always be remembered and remain in our hearts forever.