The Boys and Girls Club of NWI had a great summer, and so did 169 of East Chicago’s kids!

CAMP Tomorrow is a 10-week program offered by the Club which provided a positive and nurturing environment.  It also supports character and leadership development, education and career development, health and life skills, the arts and sports, and fitness and recreation.

The participating members of the Club were asked how the program made them feel. They responded:

  1. They felt safe.
  2. They were in a positive environment with their peers.
  3. They were having fun weekly and anticipated coming to the Club again.
  4. They enjoyed the positive reinforcement, awards and trophies they were provided.
  5. They felt like they could do multiple activities and engage in different program areas.


Photo courtesy of The Boys and Girls Club of NWI

With comments such as these, it’s clear that CAMP Tomorrow had a huge impact on the children and teens. By establishing mentor/mentee relationships, members were excited to share their insight about life and their thoughts. Members felt they were important and that they were involved, which was empowering to many.

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