College can be difficult. Students often balance a rigorous course load, several jobs and extra-curricular or volunteer work just to try to get ahead in the competitive career world. Additionally, many college students are learning to live on their own for the first time. Because of all of this, Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) scholarship recipient Arielle Mabon of East Chicago, IN recommends that students take as much help as they can.


“The more help and support you have from home, the better,” said Mabon.


Mabon received an FEC college scholarship in 2009 while attending East Chicago Central High School. She then used the money to obtain her Bachelor’s degree in industrial technology from Purdue University.


“The scholarship aided me in finishing my degree. FEC even transferred my scholarship when I transferred schools,” said Mabon.


Mabon believes that receiving this scholarship allowed her to pursue her dreams and change her life by helping her to take advantage of the opportunities that only a college education can provide.


“Undergrad was scary, uncomfortable, challenging and extremely rewarding,” Mabon recalled. “I was able to work with top professors and advance my professional experience at top companies.”


Mabon finished her Bachelor’s degree in May 2014. Since then, she has been working a corporate job and has begun a graduate program with the goal of obtaining a Master’s degree.


“Continuing my education has completely changed my life in the most enlightening way possible,” said Mabon.


Each year, FEC awards scholarships to outstanding students residing in East Chicago, IN. The amount of scholarship money awarded varies and students can use the scholarships to help fund their education at any trade school, college or university in the country. FEC is a nonprofit organization that receives its funding from the Ameristar Casino in East Chicago.


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