The Northwest Indiana Reinvestment Alliance (NWIRA) is a nonprofit organization that works to make communities in Northwest Indiana more economically viable and financially stable. The organization has been working towards this goal since its inception in 1989 and has since developed several programs and services that do just that.


The Alliance offers services such as financial literacy counseling, pre- and post-homeownership counseling and business education. There are also special programs such as the Entrepreneurial and Small Business Project and the Lake County Housing Taskforce. The former educates residents of Northwest Indiana on starting a small business and the latter works to address housing issues and needs of local homeowners.


The Alliance is sponsored by numerous local banks and uses these sponsorships as well as grants from organizations like Foundations of East Chicago to run many of its programs and services.


One core belief of the Alliance is that helping individuals to become more financially independent and stable will result in a more financially stable community, which benefits everyone.


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