The Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) awards several different types of scholarships to East Chicago students each year. The most highly valued of these is the Ivy Tech American Honors Scholarship.


The students who receive this scholarship are selected based on academic standing and community involvement. Only the most excellent students are chosen. Students who accept the scholarship are placed into the American Honors Program at Ivy Tech Community College for their first two years of school. After that, the scholarship covers $6,400 in tuition at any other college in the country for an additional two years, providing the student remains in good academic standing.


Luis Rivera Madrigal, who received this scholarship in 2015, credits FEC and the scholarship for giving him the opportunity to attend any college.


“I was in financial need due to my undocumented status,” said Madrigal. “Receiving the award has given me the opportunity to attend college overall. Help like this is vital for a college career.”


After Madrigal finishes his two years at Ivy Tech, he will transfer to a larger university, possibly even Ivy League, to complete his Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry (Pre-Med), which will continue to be partially covered by the scholarship. Then he will attend medical school and work towards becoming a heart surgeon.


“I am learning how to think in a manner beyond what I thought I would be able to,” said Madrigal.


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