The Educational Talent Search program at Purdue Calumet offers local students the opportunity to receive assistance with a variety of processes to help them to be successful in college. Project EXCEL, started in 2011, is one of the most widely known initiatives of the ETS program. Project EXCEL is a summer camp for middle school students in the ETS program that teaches math, science, technology and language arts courses complemented by educational field trips. The camp not only helps keep students’ minds sharp over the summer but also works to instill a desire to study and pursue such subjects after high school graduation. Below is some more information about the camp and what it has done for campers over the years.


-Since 2011, there has been a total of 120 campers to go through Project EXCEL.


-92% of all Project EXCEL participants have graduated from high school.


-Since the start of the camp, 79% of campers have enrolled in college.


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