Helping East Chicago residents achieve overall success is their main focus, but the International Institute of Northwest Indiana (ICA) has more specific plans for their new program, Resources for Positive Impact (RPI).


Among other services, the ICA provides resources to help their clients with:

  •   -Naturalization
  •   -ESL (English as a Second Language)
  •   -Literacy
  •   -Grammar classes
  •   -Computer classes
  •   -College ready tutoring
  •   -Mentoring
  •   -Life skills
  •   -Parenting classes


All of these resources have a positive impact on the residents of East Chicago, whether it be by achieving citizenship, learning English or integrating into society.


Last year, the ICA helped 48% of their clients with immigration counseling. The increased number of immigrants living in East Chicago reflects the need for immigration counseling and other interventions for these Legal Permanent Residents (LRPs). The ICA assists its clients with various issues, such as those pertaining to finances, housing, social integration, immigration, establishing fatherhood rights, chronic health issues, domestic violence, educational or vocational needs and employment.


By providing a program such as Resources for Positive Impact, the ICA is helping immigrants to better adjust to East Chicago and gain citizenship.


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