2020 has not been what anyone has expected. For most, this has been a very challenging and scary time. Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) has been doing everything possible to assist during this time by raising funds to provide grants through the COVID-19 Fund. FEC is known for their grants and scholarships they provide to the East Chicago community, and today we want to highlight one of our past recipients.

            Yeni Nieves Malloure is an East Chicago Central graduate who received the FEC scholarship in 2005. Malloure attended Purdue University for undergrad and Gran Valley State University for grad school where she concentrated on Statistics. Like most East Chicago students, Malloure applied for the FEC scholarship for the financial support it would provide her. She says, “At the time, my family had limited income and no money saved for college. If I wanted to go to college and pursue my dreams, I had to rely on opportunities like this scholarship. Receiving the FEC scholarship made college less stressful and more enjoyable. I didn’t have to worry about how I was going to pay for school or work multiple jobs to pay for tuition. I felt secured which allowed me to focus on my studies.”

            FEC’s hope is that every East Chicago student who receives our scholarship goes on and thrives in college. Experiences like Malloure’s is something FEC wishes for everyone. She shares the following about her college adventure: “My college experience was nothing like I had ever imagined as a high school student and truly opened my eyes to a world I didn’t know existed. While I didn’t start out as a statistics major, the exposure to different classes that Purdue offered led me down the path of discovering statistics, something I really enjoyed doing. I participated in summer research programs the university offered to get experience in applying my mathematical and statistical background. I participated in several campus events which connected me to several organizations that shared my interests and passions such as Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, a multicultural sorority. My sorority sisters became part of my support system that helped me through my studies. The knowledge, experiences, opportunities and friends gained were life changing.”

            Malloure has gone on to do great things since receiving the FEC scholarship. After college she pursued a career in clinical research as a Statistician. She wanted to use the knowledge and training she gained in college and be part of a team that researched solutions for several of the world’s illnesses and diseases. Her goal was to make a long-lasting contribution to the world. She is currently a Senior Manager, in Biostatistics and Programming at 3M.

            Her message to high school students: I would tell high school students to take advantage of the opportunities that are available to them. Do not be put off by any essay requirements. A small investment in time used to apply for the FEC scholarships is worth the large benefits received in the long run. Additionally, it’s ok if you are unsure of what your major or career path you want to take. You will be exposed to several different experiences that will help you discover your own passions.

            FEC is committed to helping the students of East Chicago. The potential of our community is immense, and FEC is proud to be able to assist students in reaching their goals!