The Greater Destiny Bible Church in East Chicago, IN knows that over the summer, many youth are home alone as their parent(s) go to work. They may live in areas where it’s unsafe to play outside so they stay home and watch TV.

To address this problem, the Church holds the Safe Summer Enrichment Camp, providing a safe haven for children and teens. It allows youth ages 5-17 to have a place to go so they can interact with others, play and be active, and get involved in enriching programs and activities. For example, the youth will be exposed to various types of dance, videography and home economics.

Perhaps most importantly, the youth will continue to receive academic enrichment in math, science, reading and English. This is critical as it helps to prepare students for the upcoming school year. Schools in East Chicago receive low or failing grades and ISTEP scores, so it is imperative for children and teens to continue to learn over the summer.

The camp is Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm. Programs offered include guest speakers, a guest chef for cooking demonstrations, a guest music producer and others.

The Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) granted The Greater Destiny Bible Church funding for this valuable program as it will have a positive impact on youth in the area.

For more information, please contact 219-398-2006.

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