For two years, Rev. Willie Johnson has been involved with the Foundations of East Chicago (FEC). He has been a part of two different grant cycles and has found his experience with the organization to be very gratifying.

“I just can’t say it enough how honored I feel to be a part of the FEC,” Rev. Johnson said. “It is extremely fulfilling to be able to sit on this committee, a committee that is such an important and vital part of our community. Being able to be a part of the making of the various decisions associated with this committee, and to know that I have played a part in helping other people in the East Chicago community, is extremely gratifying.”

Just as helping the community of East Chicago is an honor, so is the ability to work with the other Grant Committee members.

“I just want to commend each and every one of the Grant Committee members and the Board on a job well done,” Rev. Johnson stated. “Everyone there is doing…a good, honest job for East Chicago. You are making decisions that lead to people, who care about East Chicago, obtaining the funds to run programs that they would not normally be able to run. East Chicago is a better place because of the decisions you people make, and you are making great decisions.”

Being a Grant Committee Member brings Rev. Willie Johnson closer to the grantees of the FEC. He understands the frustration that can come with the process, and offers this advice:

“Grantees, be willing to work and go through the process that it takes to be able to establish yourself as a grantee. Don’t get discouraged, because at some point it can get a little difficult. You have got to be able to withstand those difficult times because it always gets better over time.

So, to each Grantee, keep up the good work. You are providing very important services for the community of East Chicago.  You are providing things that are desperately needed.”

For more information on the FEC Board of Directors and Grant Committee Members, click here.