What makes a city are the people who live in it. When Dianne Craft founded We Care from the Heart, Inc., she had it in mind that she wanted to help the city by helping the people of East Chicago.


We Care from the Heart is a nonprofit organization that provides many services and programs to East Chicago residents. These services aim to improve the quality of life of those living in the city.


Many of the services provided by We Care from the Heart assist senior citizens and individuals with disabilities. These include respite care services, homecare services, adult day care and foster placement, senior health enhancement programs, training for caregivers, tax preparation, elder abuse monitoring and reporting and much more.


The organization also assists the city’s homeless and displaced populations by finding them alternative, temporary housing. This is completed through the Homeless Mobile Outreach Assistance and Homeless Prevention and Compliance programs.


As part of their mission to best assist East Chicagoans in need, We Care from the Heart has partnered with several other local organizations including the Salvation Army, Grace Beyond Borders, the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Foundations of East Chicago. These connections, along with many others, have allowed We Care from the Heart to have a more profound impact on the East Chicago community.


In order to continue providing services in East Chicago, We Care from the Heart hosts several fundraising events throughout the year including themed dances and an annual black tie event.


To learn more about We Care from the Heart and other local community organizations, visit www.FoundationsEC.org.


We Care from Heart

Photo taken from We Care from the Heart Facebook page.