Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) is always encouraged by all the good work that our grantees do in the community. Each year, FEC has two grant rounds: Operating and Program Grants. Program Grants are annual grants that are directed to support specific programs that meet FEC priorities. Programs must have a definitive plan with measurable outcomes and must have an operational plan that demonstrates potential for success.

One organization that received a Program Grant for 2019 and is doing great work in our community is A Positive Approach to Teen Health (PATH). PATH’s Mission is to equip, encourage and empower youth to make healthy choices through life skills, relationship and character-building education. They do this with specific programing including their LivTrue Mentoring.

LivTrue Mentoring provides youth with an evidence based youth development program presented through large and small group mentoring sessions. Sixth grade students receive programming provided by trained mentors (college students) allowing them to build lasting relationships while being equipped with the skills necessary to recognize and reach their full potential. LivTrue Mentoring is a weekly program provided in the classroom setting ensuring that students are able to complete the full program that runs throughout the school year.

Utilizing the grant FEC gave PATH, they completed another successful LivTrue Mentoring program. The testimonials given by the children who participated are inspiring and a testament to the great work that PATH is doing. For example, one student wrote, “The LivTrue mentors helped me with my attitude, they helped me make better decisions as well as taught me how to think before I act. This helped me a lot because I used to get in trouble because of my attitude.” Another student writes, “LivTrue motivates us to do better and succeed in life and not make bad choices. They let us express how our day was and discuss our highs and lows of the day. This program taught me to be a better person and be something in life.”

FEC continues to support programs like these to help the community of East Chicago thrive. Keep up the great work PATH!