The Early Learning Partnership of Northwest Indiana (ELP) offers a variety of programs to Northwest Indiana parents and families that work to ensure that local kids have a healthy home environment and are getting proper educational support outside of school.


-Parents as Teachers (PAT): This program provides home visitation to families with teen parents, low levels of English comprehension and low-income. These visits provide parents with specified techniques and strategies for enhancing developmental and early learning in their household.


-Empowering Teens as Parents (ETAP): This provides teen parents with in-school and at-home support and utilizes the same model at the PAT program.


-Ready to Soar – School Readiness: Ready to Soar offers school readiness screenings to children preparing to enter kindergarten. The early learning professionals then discuss results with parents to teach them how to help their kids be successful in school. Children also receive developmental and vision screenings to identify any underlying issues. The following details the East Chicago Kindergarten Readiness Screening dates for pre-school students at each elementary school:


• Gosch Elementary: April 18
• Harrison Elementary: April 20
• Lincoln Elementary: April 21
• McKinley Elementary: April 25
• Washington Elementary: April 27
• Administration Building: May 10 (make-up day)


-Parents’ Village: This is an online community of parents and early learning professionals that gives members 24/7 access to webinars, videos, tips from child development specialists and articles. Members can also schedule one-on-one video conferences with experienced parent consultants.


Each of these ELP programs helps to improve the education of East Chicago children and create a network of involved and knowledgeable parents. To learn more about programs that benefit East Chicagoans in these ways, visit



Photo taken from Early Larning Partnership of NWI Facebook page