Erick Cuevas said he would never have been able to attend Indiana University if it weren’t for the Foundations of East Chicago (FEC). He is in his senior year and plans to graduate in May of 2019 with a degree in informatics and a minor in business.

He is making the most out of his college experience academically, professionally and personally. Besides working on his degree, he is also interning at the School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering (SICE) and working part-time in IT support. Because of his love for soccer, he’s assisting the Women’s Soccer Team as well.

The various experiences Erick has had since he received the FEC scholarship has made him realize his story could help motivate others to apply for the scholarship.

“Sometimes I feel like individuals need to hear the experiences that we as FEC scholars have experienced to encourage them to apply for FEC scholarships and get out there and create their own experiences.”

Erick adds that students in East Chicago need to be more informed about the great opportunities the FEC offers. Hearing the experiences of past scholarship recipients is one way, but another is through FEC’s social media channels. He feels fortunate he learned about the scholarship and hopes that all students can be informed of what the FEC has to offer.

“FEC is a great opportunity for students to pursue their dreams, to further their educations and to experience new things!”

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