Receiving a college education gives someone more options and the opportunity to explore what they want to do in life. For one Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) scholarship recipient, it is doing just that. Pascual Delgado graduated from East Chicago Central High School and received a scholarship from FEC in 2015. He was awarded a 4-year renewable scholarship in the amount of $5,000 which he used at Purdue University Northwest (formally Purdue University Calumet.)

            While at Purdue, Pascual studied diligently to achieve a Bachelors degree in Finance and Accounting. He credits the scholarship for alleviating the financial burden he would have had if he had not received the funds from FEC. Without having to stress about tuition, it allowed Pascual to focus more on his studies. “I applied for the Foundations’ scholarship because I knew this would cover the cost I could not cover myself. This also allowed me to focus and not stress financially. The Foundations scholarship has taken the financial burden off my shoulder and I was able to focus and dedicate more time to school.”

            With the degree Pascual received, he was originally considering a position in wealth management. However, recently an internship with a nonprofit has changed his goals. “I wish to enter a company that helps entrepreneurs develop and implement their ideas mainly to develop the communities in which they reside.”  He has currently taken the summer off to experience new cultures and new places that will enable him to do the work he is most passionate about.

            Pascual’s advice for high school students is to apply to every scholarship possible. He says to take changes and never pass up any new opportunities. Foundations of East Chicago is proud of the scholarships that are awarded each year and love to hear back from students like Pascual who are grateful and seizing the opportunity that they received!