While the Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) scholarships are typically used for undergraduate studies, they can help to open doors to post-baccalaureate opportunities, too. This was the case for 2001 scholarship recipient Ronda Hollingsworth.


Ronda first received her FEC scholarship as she was graduating from East Chicago Central High School. She used the scholarship to help put herself through the psychology program at the University of Indianapolis.


“I had a great college experience,” said Ronda. “Although my studies came first, I took advantage of many campus job opportunities, networking and social events.”


Although Ronda had an extremely positive college experience, she ultimately decided that the field of psychology was not for her. In fact, it was during reflection on her time in college that she decided to change career paths.


“I’ve just always wanted to do something to help others, particularly through post-secondary education,” said Ronda. “I am now pursuing my Master’s in higher education so that I can help influence and mentor students who are like I was.”


The FEC scholarship enabled Ronda to go away to college and inspired her to choose a career helping other college students. To learn more about how the FEC scholarship program helps East Chicago residents, visit foundationsec.org.