Most high school seniors who are considering continuing their education after graduation will worry about paying for college. Not many people have the funds to pay for their entire education out of pocket and even fewer would want to. In an effort to make paying for college easier for those who dream of a degree, FEC awards several scholarships annually to high school seniors residing in East Chicago.


FEC knows that having a college degree exponentially increases an individual’s chances of success in the working world. This is why they offer scholarships to East Chicago residents.


In order to qualify for the FEC high school scholarships, students must be a resident of East Chicago although they do not need to be attending an East Chicago high school. Scholarship applicants must also maintain a minimum of a 2.5 GPA and be accepted into a two or four year college or university.


This year, FEC awarded scholarships to high school seniors in the amount of: $1,000, $2,000, $2,500 and $5,000. These scholarships are renewable for up to three years, providing that the students maintain eligibility requirements, and can be used at the educational institution of their choosing.


FEC also awarded an Ivy Tech Scholarship for the amount of $3,400 to high school seniors who have enrolled for classes at one of the Ivy Tech campuses this year. These scholarships are renewable for one year providing that these students also maintain eligibility requirements and remain enrolled at Ivy Tech.


The scholarships are sent to the school that the students will be attending. FEC sends 50% of the scholarship for the fall semester and, upon receipt of the student’s fall grades, will send the other half for the spring semester.


These FEC scholarships can change the future for high school students in East Chicago. A degree that may have previously seemed unattainable due to financial constraints is now within reach for any scholarship recipient.


FEC Scholarship Picture