Grace Beyond Borders is a nonprofit organization in East Chicago that reaches out to the homeless community to offer assistance in the form of temporary housing, medical treatment, information, food, clothing, transportation and more. All of these services are provided through a variety of programs that are funded by local grant writing organizations, like Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) and other fundraising efforts. Check out the list below to learn about some of the programs offered by Grace Beyond Borders.


-A Hand Up, Not a Handout: This program aims to specifically help homeless individuals in East Chicago who are battling addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. In addition to offering them food and clothing, Grace Beyond Borders works with these individuals to set them up with case workers who ensure that they get checked in to a residential rehabilitation facility.


-Grace Beyond Borders House: This is a house that allows homeless men to stay for up to 30 days. While at the house, they can receive three free meals a day, clothing, hygiene products and medical and social services referrals. The house also offers various spiritual and support programs.


-Life Restored House: This house offers both short-term and long-term stays to men experiencing homelessness. The long-term program also gives men access to more intensive programs to help them turn their lives around.


-New Life House: This house provides shelter and care for women and women with children. The women here are taught skills for finding a job, securing housing and offer some emotional stability.


-House of Bread: This is a nonprofit restaurant and catering business that helps members of the homeless population to develop life skills that are critical to obtaining gainful employment in the future.


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Grace Beyond Borders
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