The Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) is comprised of people who work hard to better the community. Grant and Scholarship Committee member Coach Peterson is no different.


Coach Peterson was with the Foundations for its inception in 1997 as a board member. After several years, he stepped down to concentrate on serving the community in a different role. He very much believed in serving the youth in the community and decided to do so through his position at the East Chicago Fitness Center. Currently, Coach Peterson runs the fitness center where he works with East Chicago Central High School student-athletes on their training.


“The Foundations are a great supporter of the fitness center,” he said.


Two years ago, Coach Peterson returned to FEC as a Grant and Scholarship Committee member, citing his desire to work with the scholarship program and continue to help the youth of East Chicago as a reason.


“It’s really time consuming,” he said of selecting scholarship recipients as a member of the committee. “But it’s well worth it to give some of these kids a fighting chance at a college education. The only bad part is that we can’t help them all.”


Although serving on two FEC committees and running the community fitness center can make for a very busy schedule, Coach Peterson enjoys being able to make a positive impact with a group of passionate individuals at FEC.


“They are a great group of individuals who have caring hearts for the community. They all just really care,” he said.


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Coach Peterson