The Salvation Army East Chicago Corps has been contributing to the well-being of those in the community for many years. Not only does the Salvation Army offer programs to those in need, they also partner with other local organizations to extend their reach throughout all of East Chicago.


Several programs and services are provided to the people of East Chicago through the Salvation Army. There are food programs that assist those in the city who are struggling financially. There are also recreational programs to help bring the community together in a positive way. Additionally, the Salvation Army provides social services and independent living education to individuals so that they have the means to move beyond their financial struggles and the knowledge to avoid falling into them in the future.


The Salvation Army also partners with local groups that are helping the community in other ways. For example, the School City of East Chicago has included the Salvation Army on several of their events that benefit students. Donor and grant-writing organizations have also partnered with the Salvation Army to ensure that their food pantry and clothing closet are filled and that there are available funds for necessary purchases, improvements and programs.


For 2017, the Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) and the Legacy Foundation provided the Salvation Army with a matching grant totaling over $34,000 between the two organizations. This grant was awarded so that the Salvation Army could purchase a walk-in refrigerator and freezer to store more perishable foods. The need for this became extremely evident when news of the lead crisis in East Chicago broke. This not only caused many people to have to vacate their homes, putting them in a financial bind, but presented a health hazard for community members, particularly senior citizens and children. The Salvation Army wanted to be able to offer the people more meats and vegetables, foods that help to block the absorption of lead into the body, but did not have the space to store these items. Now that they have received the funds for the fridge and freezer, the Salvation Army can help more East Chicagoans in need than ever before.


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Photo taken from The Salvation Army East Chicago Corps Facebook page