Leon Kendrick Youth Voices United (LKYVU) is a nonprofit organization in East Chicago that provides visual and performing arts classes for East Chicago youth at a very low cost. LKYVU keeps the fees for classes low so that all children in the community, regardless of the financial background of their families, have the opportunity to participate in music and art programs that aid in development and promote self-confidence.


Because the cost of the program is so low, LKYVU must find other means of financing their organization. Currently, they have a few fundraising events in place and have submitted grant applications to several organizations. These potential sources of funding are:


-an adult Masquerade Ball

-a children’s Costume Party

-the Winter Visual and Performing Arts Show

-an ongoing Open Mic series called the Gratitude Café

-a grant from Foundations of East Chicago

-a grant application for the East Chicago Redevelopment Department

-a grant application for Legacy Foundation


In addition to these potential avenues of funding, LKYVU has plans to add even more fundraising events in the future. The more funds that the organization can raise, the more local children the programs can help. These are some of the fundraising events to keep an eye out for in the future:


-Prom for Kids

-Daddy-Daughter Dance

-Mom-Son Dance

-talent shows


-Movie Night for Kids


To help the students at LKYVU, be sure to attend their 2017 fundraisers or make a donation from the website. If you want to learn more about LKYVU, visit www.FoundationsEC.org.


Leon Kendrick Youth Voices United
Photo taken from Leon Kendrick Youth Voices United Facebook page