Think getting into college is all about studying and passing tests? Well, you would be wrong. More and more colleges are looking for well-rounded students who have varied life experiences. In fact, they are so set on recruiting students who get involved, many schools are now offering scholarships to individuals with specific skills and interests.


One of the best ways to get these skills and experiences is through extra-curricular involvement. Universities and scholarships programs look for individuals with proven leadership skills. These are often those students who have held office in organizations like student council or served as captains on athletic teams.


Extra-curricular experiences also give students a wealth of material to draw upon when writing essay applications for scholarships or admission. Questions like ‘Tell me about a particular field that interests you?’ and ‘Tell me about a time when you overcame adversity?’ are common for these applications and can be answered using stories from school and community activities.


Finally, club advisors and coaches make great references or sources for letters of recommendation, which are often required when applying for colleges or scholarship programs. Having good relationships with these mentors can give you a leg up on other applicants.


The Foundations of East Chicago loves to help students on their quest for college degrees. That is why we are holding a scholarship and career fair in January! For more information on the fair or tips for preparing for college, visit