It is no secret that, without donors, many nonprofits would become obsolete. Donors are some of the most important people in the nonprofit world, which is why more nonprofits should focus on donor acquisition. Obtaining and retaining donors will help to ensure the longevity of the nonprofit and the success of the stated mission. Check out these tips for boosting donor acquisition at your nonprofit:

1) Go Mobile

All websites, microsites, and forms should be optimized for mobile devices. The popularity of surfing the web using mobile devices like phones and tablets is increasing every year. Be sure that your nonprofit doesn’t get left behind.

2) Get Donors’ Attention

The overall goal of getting visitors to your nonprofit’s site is to drive donations. To do this, ensure that the ask for donations can be seen right on the landing page. Also, make your donation button or link stand out from the rest of the content on the page by strategically using color, font, and imagery.

3) Brand your Donation Page

It is nearly impossible to over-brand your site. Keeping your branding at the forefront on your donation page will remind donors where their money is going and will also help them feel more at ease about submitting their personal bank information on the internet.

4) Use Imagery

Real photos (not stock images) of your organization will help your nonprofit to appear more trustworthy, putting donors and other supporters at ease when they give. Additionally, these images can help to paint a picture of what the organization is really like and who benefits from it, which will also help donors to feel more comfortable.

5) Simplify your Site

Many people may get overwhelmed when they arrive at a website with too many things to click on. If you are having trouble simplifying and streamlining your site, then at least be sure the simplify your donation page. Donors who are confused by the donation process are likely to navigate away from your page without giving.

6) Use Giving Levels

Research has shown that donation pages that offer a choice of giving levels tend to garner larger donations than those that simply leave the donor to specify an amount. This is because it is easier for someone to click a button with a predetermined amount than it is for them to come up with the amount on their own. You can still include a blank where those who wish can type in their own amount, but be sure to place this after the other giving buttons.

7) Offer Monthly Giving

By including a check box where donors can easily choose to make their donation a monthly gift, you will be helping to ensure the long-term funding of your organization through the creation of a relationship with that donor.

8) Make it Easy to Stay in Touch

Donors on your donation page are already giving you their credit card information, so this is also a good time to ask for an email address or another way to stay in touch. This way, your organization can grow its audience without having to come to people for information a second time.

9) Incorporate Social Proof

Social proof shows donors that others have come before them to donate to your cause. This can be shown in the form of a measure of money raised so far or testimonials from other donors. This evidence helps your organization to appear more reputable and makes donors feel more comfortable.

10) Offer Peace of Mind

Many people still feel uneasy when entering their credit card and other personal information online. One way to help your donors feel more relaxed is to incorporate the logos of the security software your organization uses onto the donation page.

11) Offer Branded Gifts

If feasible for your organization, offer branded gifts to those who donate a certain amount. The gift should be in line with your organization’s mission and donors’ interests, but should also include your logo or other branding. This will ensure that your donor thinks of your cause every time they use the gift.

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How to Increase Donor Acquisition for Your Nonprofit