East Chicago resident, Joi Gillespie, has known about all of the good that the Foundations of East Chicago does for the community. Now, as a 2015 FEC and American Honors scholarship recipient, she is experiencing the benefits of those good works first-hand.


Gillespie was born and raised in East Chicago and has lived in town for her whole life. She attended school locally and has worked for many local organizations.


When Gillespie was young, she got her first job working for the Twin City Ministerial Alliance in East Chicago. This organization receives grants from FEC to carry out their mission of working with East Chicago youth to help them build transferrable work skills. Gillespie also worked with the Greenhouse Fellowship, a program funded by FEC that employs young people to help renovate various areas and aspects of East Chicago. Now, Gillespie is receiving some of the assistance.


After high school, Gillespie had planned to take some time off school so she could work and save enough money to complete her degree. After receiving this scholarship and spending a year at home saving money, Gillespie believes she has the necessary funds to go to college and get a degree.


“I plan on continuing to make Foundations as well as East Chicago proud,” said Gillespie.


Gillespie also encourages others to make themselves aware of all that FEC is doing for the community and to learn about ways that they can benefit from these good works as well.