On Dec., 31, 2014, Russ Taylor stepped down from his role as executive director for the Foundations of East Chicago after seventeen years. Assuming the role of interim executive director was former Board Member George Weems, whose service to the Foundations also spans seventeen years.


After Weems assumed his new role, the Foundations of East Chicago began to prepare a transition through this major change using Taylor and Weems structures to establish a permanent resolution to installing a new executive director.


“The transition plan that we’ve adopted is to have George who understands the Foundations become an interim director,” Taylor said. And this has given me the opportunity where I can close out the year in a fashion where I can put my focus on important things like helping to establish a transition structure while it allows George to come into the end of the year focusing on 2015. And we’ll continue to work together to provide the details of the process to the community.”


When asked about his retirement plans, Taylor commented “I look forward to my retirement from the Foundations but I’m not retiring from the community. I will continue to be an asset to the Foundations and when I have a chance, I will reach out to other organizations in the community and help them be better at what they do. “


Watch the video here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHaqo_vduB8 


Russ & George Video Shot