The Boys and Girls Clubs of Northwest Indiana is holding another CAMP Tomorrow this summer. 2017’s camp was a “huge success,” focusing on “Empowering Minds, Inspiring Leadership, Facilitating Mentorship & Enabling Healthy Lifestyles,” in addition to Arts, Sports, Fitness and Recreation. This year they will implement the camp with enhancements to increase the kids’ experience.

The targeted youth for the 10-week camp are those who reside in single parent households who live at or under the poverty threshold; however, those in two parent households who live above the poverty threshold won’t be excluded. The youth of East Chicago have specific needs as they experience difficulties not common in other areas. The camp addresses the greatest needs of the community and continues to target those children and teens at greatest risk.

When asked about the importance of the camp, one single parent whose sons attended the 2017 CAMP Tomorrow stated, “The mentoring programs alone are extremely helpful and oftentimes my kids don’t even know that they are being mentored. They are just happy to be learning things with smart and supportive men because their father is not around.”

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