Moms Taking Charge is a program partner of Foundations of East Chicago. It focuses on assisting mothers who are heads of households and facing challenges every day. FEC funds over 100 charitable organizations. These organizations are categories into six categories: education, public safety, youth development, family support, health, and financial independence and community economic development.



Moms Taking Charge offers mothers a parenting education program. This program empowers women who need to learn parenting skills. This program now expands to the entire family. Computers are provided with access to the internet to apply for higher education and financial aid (FAFSA). Educational workshops are also provided.


Public Safety

By helping families overcome challenges, MTC improves family circumstances which help mothers ensure the food, housing, and safety of their families.


Youth Development & Family Support

While MTC focuses primarily on mothers, their initiatives assist the entire family, too. Some women that come to the program do not have family support systems of their own, so MTC becomes their only support system.



Women are assisted in applying for healthcare services. They also provide educational opportunities for women focused on a healthy life. Educational workshops on topics such as self-love, emotions, self-esteem, women’s health, safe sex, and more are being provided in the month of March 2015.


Financial Independence and Community Economic Development

Access to computers is also available for women to apply for employment. Moms Taking Charge has partnered with a local restaurant to help mothers gain part-time employment.


The goals and initiatives of Moms Taking Charge touch upon every pillar of Foundations of East Chicago.


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