Catholic Charities, a multi-program, not-for-profit social service agency in NWI, believes that, with continuous assistance from other organizations, they can have “One Dream, One East Chicago.”


St. Mary’s Catholic Church in East Chicago, the devoted originator of this program, worked diligently to provide immigrants and their families with social and economic assistance. Now under the umbrella of Catholic Charities, the program has blossomed, as it now is able to reach out to 100,000’s of people.


Problems faced by immigrants in the United States continue to limit quality of life for them and their children. For the stability of the families and for consequent stability and development of the East Chicago community, The Immigrant Support and Assistance Center (ISAAC), a partner not-for-profit assisting Catholic Charities, needs to continue to address the needs of these individuals.


The program requires participants to first fill out forms that will provide information on why the participant is in need of immediate assistance. Information gathered includes but is not limited to:


  • -Arrest records
  • -Eviction letter or warning
  • -Disconnect notice of utilities
  • -Marriage certificates
  • -Children’s birth certificates
  • -Restraining orders


Once it is determined that there is a need for the family, Catholic Charities will work with authorities and organizations to provide whatever it is the family may need.


This type of urgent assistance helps immigrant families succeed.


For more information on how the One Dream, One East Chicago program helps the community, visit


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