The Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) scholarship program works to give students all of the educational opportunities that they have ever wanted. However, the program also helps their families to feel less financial stress during this time.


Past FEC scholarship recipient, Veronica Garcia, was able to experience this first-hand. Her father was laid off from his job during her senior year of high school at East Chicago Central in 1998. At this point Veronica thought her dreams of attending Purdue University were going to be put on hold. But then she took matters into her own hands.


“I was determined to go away to school,” said Veronica. “So I applied for the [FEC] scholarship.”


Veronica was selected as an FEC scholarship recipient and received $7,500 in funds for school. She used the money to pursue a degree in social studies education.


“I enjoyed every minute of it,” she said. “Having the scholarship allowed me to go away to school, live in a dorm, travel and have the life experiences that have shaped who I am today.”


Although Veronica was experiencing a whole new world at Purdue, she never forgot her family or giving back to East Chicago.


“I had always hoped to return to East Chicago Central and teach.”


After college, Veronica taught Economics, Government and Spanish at East Chicago Central for 13 years. She now teaches Spanish at Griffith High School.


Veronica credits receiving the FEC scholarship when discussing her time in college and her career in teaching. She is glad to see that the program is still making a difference for people all over the city.


“This scholarship is life-changing, not only for the students, but for their family and generations to come.”


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