The St. Joseph’s Carmelite Home in East Chicago has been a home for troubled, abused or abandoned Northwest Indiana children for over 100 years. Not only does the home provide food, shelter and clothing for the children, the Sisters who run the Carmelite Home ensure that each child is educated, medically healthy and loved.


The Carmelite Home receives some state funding, but it is not enough to properly care for the almost 90 children who live there. This is why fundraising is so important to the Sisters.


On March 9, the Carmelite Home held one of its two large, annual fundraisers. The gala took place at the Munster Center for the Visual and Performing Arts and drew a crowd of 300 attendees. It is said the event was expected to bring in $50,000 in funds for the children.


Check out more details on the event by reading this article from The Times of Northwest Indiana.


To learn about the Carmelite Home or other organizations that benefit the youth of East Chicago, visit


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