Foundations of East Chicago and Ivy Tech East Chicago Campus have helped many students over the past two years in pursuit of their educational dreams. This is being done through the American Honors Scholarship Program. Two of this year’s AH scholarship recipients who are on the path to having their dreams realized are East Chicago Central High School seniors Mar Isela Madriz-Chavez and Luis Rivera.


The AH scholarship offers exceptional high school students an average of $29,000 in financial assistance for college over the course of four years. This requires that the students complete the first two years of their programs at Ivy Tech. After completion, students who have maintained certain grades are given the opportunity to finish their degrees at the colleges or universities of their choice.


Receiving the AH scholarship comes with admittance to the AH program. This includes placement in honors classes, a small group learning environment and additional academic and financial advising.


Before applying for the AH scholarship herself, Madriz-Chavez was able to learn about the program through her brother, who received the scholarship last year. She says that because both she and her brother were able to receive the scholarship, paying for college has become a bit easier for her family.


After her time at Ivy Tech, Madriz-Chavez plans to transfer to IUPUI to complete her degree.


Luis Rivera, on the other hand, plans to take advantage of the benefits of the AH program by transferring from Ivy Tech to IUN. Once he completes his Bachelor’s degree with the AH program, he hopes to use the knowledge he has gained to attend Indiana University School of Medicine.


“I would like to thank the program for being able to take my first steps towards becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon,” said Rivera.


The vast impact that these scholarships have on the community is not lost on the recipients.


“Thank you for everything you do for East Chicago and all of the youth in East Chicago,” said Madriz-Chavez to FEC. “Investing time and money for the youth will bring a better future for East Chicago.”


American Honors 2015