Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Gary and FEC have a long-standing relationship. Catholic Charities has implemented many programs in the community that have been funded by FEC. This year, Catholic Charities again received a Program Grant from FEC which has been used in the funding of the new Healthy Sustainable Lifestyle program.


Program Grants are awarded by FEC to organizations that propose ideas for programs that would benefit the residents of East Chicago. The programs that will do the most good for the people of East Chicago are then selected and funded by FEC.


The Healthy Sustainable Lifestyle program was one of 20 different local programs to be funded by FEC Program Grants in 2015. This Catholic Charities program is designed to educate and help the people of East Chicago to live healthier lives. This is accomplished in two ways.


One aspect of the Healthy Sustainable Lifestyle program is the continuance of the nutrition class that Catholic Charities had in place with its Educational Opportunities for Families in Crisis program. This class teaches both adults and children about how to lead a healthy lifestyle through a proper diet. The class also talks about the benefits of such a lifestyle and how it can impact the individuals’ futures.


The second aspect of the Healthy Sustainable Lifestyle program is that it provides the opportunity for East Chicagoans to choose to undergo outpatient mental health counseling. These counseling sessions are one hour in length and can address a variety of issues. The program offers 75 sessions total for East Chicago residents which are held at the Catholic Charities-Hammond office.


The goal behind the Healthy Sustainable Lifestyle program is not only to provide services to the people of East Chicago so that they can lead healthier lives but also to educate residents on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle on their own. This education is what will help to ensure a healthier future for East Chicagoans long after the services of the program have finished.