The Foundations of East Chicago has been supporting local programs and the people of East Chicago since it opened in 1997 and in the year 2012, the organization was able to make one of the biggest financial impacts of its history.


In 2012, FEC helped out eight local programs with grant funds totaling 1.1 million dollars. This money went to local churches, schools and other nonprofit organizations.


One of the organizations that benefitted from this grant was East Chicago Hope and Opportunity. This organization works with parents and schools in the community to ensure that everyone involved in the education of East Chicago children is on the same page. This not only creates a sense of connection within the community but also works to improve the education children receive both at school and at home.


Another organization that received funding from FEC in 2012 was Moms Taking Charge. This program provides single mothers in the area access to shelters and healthcare so that they can be a positive role model in the lives of their children.


Youth P.L.U.S. also received a grant from FEC in 2012. This program provides students in Lake County with homework help, tutoring and other academic activities in an effort to increase the graduation rate throughout the area.


The program that received the largest portion of the funds granted by FEC was Putting East Chicago Back to Work. This program assists residents of East Chicago with job training and job placement.


Other programs that received FEC funding in 2012 were Project INSPIRE, Plaza Communitaria, The Unity Event and Healthier East Chicago – 2012 and Beyond.


Since this remarkable year, FEC has continued to support nonprofit organizations in East Chicago. This support has allowed FEC to improve the lives of many residents of East Chicago as well as other parts of Lake County.


Foundations of East Chicago