Growing up, Tiana Cody knew it would be difficult to attend college because of the financial challenges she and her mother, a single parent, faced. The Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) scholarship program helped relieve some of that strain when they awarded Tiana an FEC scholarship just before she graduated from East Chicago Central High School in 2000.


Tiana said her college experience was amazing because she learned so much about herself while working with a diverse group at Indiana University-Bloomington. While attending school, she was able to volunteer for a local shelter where she learned how to be self-sufficient and work with others to give back to the community.


The FEC scholarship allowed Tiana to complete her undergraduate studies in social work without the pressure of paying loans afterwards.


“Receiving the scholarship helped lift a financial burden off my mother,” Tiana said. “Having that scholarship allowed me to work less hours and focus more on my studies.”


Currently, Tiana is a training manager for Illinois Collaboration On Youth where she writes curricula for youth services, probation and juvenile justice work. She also works closely with the Department of Child and Family Services and the Department of Human Services.


Tiana strongly suggests that incoming college students apply for any opportunities they have in regards to financial assistance.


“You need all the support you can get before and after college,” Tiana said. “Don’t let your fears stand in the way of your greatness.”


To learn more about scholarship recipients such as Tiana and to gain scholarship information, visit or call 219-392-4225.