Through various technology grants, through periodic donations to our annual appeal and autumn fundraiser, and through paying $10,000 one year to partially fund the assistant to the director position.  By helping with significant technology costs, some newsletter publication expenses, and a partial one-year salary, it has enabled Bethany to meet its operating expenses and focus on offering one-on-one spiritual direction and offering quiet space into which to welcome guests.


Sister Joyce Diltz, Director of the Bethany Retreat House said that “The Foundations of East Chicago has helped us continue to meet operational expenses by periodically funding some significant technology expenses and a partial one-year salary. We are most grateful for their belief in and support of our mission.”


One participant at the Bethany Retreat House stated, “Bethany Retreat House is a physically lovely, comfortable space.  It’s welcoming and safe emotionally, which provides space for personal spiritual exploration and growth.  I especially appreciate the attitude of acceptance of where I am at the moment which encourages in depth growth in a joyful way.  There’s enough support and encouragement without judgement.  Makes the journey freer and more mine.”


With such shining praise being given to this organization, FEC is honored to have had the opportunity to provide space and resources to nurture people’s inner lives over the course of the last 22 ½ years.


Bethany Retreat House makes the world a better place on a daily basis by providing men and women with opportunities to explore their spirituality, thus contributing to a more peaceful culture in East Chicago and beyond.  With the support of the Foundations of East Chicago, the Bethany Retreat House will continue to help people find their own peaceful center so that they can be a person of peace and love in their dealings with others, thus fostering better, safer, more viable communities in East Chicago and beyond.


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