The Salvation Army, East Chicago Corps began its School of Music in 2010 with the dream of giving young people in the community a positive way to spend their time as well as the opportunity to learn a new hobby.


In 2010, the program consisted of four elementary-aged children playing with trumpets. Over the past five years, the school has grown to support over 20 students of varying ages who now have five different classes from which to choose.


During the program’s second year, the Salvation Army began offering a music theory class in addition to its original brass class. This class was designed to teach kids the reasoning behind the instruments and notes they were playing.


In 2012, the Salvation Army began introducing all of the various classes offered today. This included the original brass class, the theory class, a brass band class, a guitar class and a piano class. All of these classes not only attracted more students with differing interests but also gave kids the opportunity to learn more about music in general.


These classes meet on Monday and Tuesday evenings. Once a week, all of the students from the classes get together for a choir lesson. All of the skills that the students are learning are showcased in the organization’s worship ceremonies each week, as well as at various events throughout the year.


Several students at the School of Music have won competitions and received scholarships to attend other music schools and camps around the country. The skills and dedication that they have been learning through the Salvation Army have helped to broaden their horizons and gave them experiences that they will hold on to for the rest of their lives.


The school can’t do it alone, though. When the School of Music started, there was only one, young instructor who taught the kids to play the trumpet. However, with recent grants issued to the Salvation Army by Foundations of East Chicago, the program has been able to hire several more teachers for each specific class offered, which has helped the program expand.


By teaching music to kids in the community, the Salvation Army, East Chicago Corps works to give them a positive outlet as well as an opportunity to excel in all aspects of life.


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