In the increasingly competitive workforce, more and more adults are going back to school for additional certificates and degrees. However, many scholarship programs only offer funds for students who are graduating high school. FEC knows that, no matter how old you are, paying for college is not easy. This is why they offer non-traditional scholarships as part of their program.


This year, in addition to the high school, American Honors and Ivy Tech scholarships distributed, FEC awarded non-traditional scholarships to 12 students for the amount of $2,000 each.


Non-traditional scholarships are awarded to adult college students residing in East Chicago. Recipients of this scholarship must be enrolled as full-time college students and maintain a minimum of a 2.5 GPA. Also, recipients of the non-traditional scholarship may not receive this scholarship in addition to the FEC high school scholarship.


FEC, however, invites recipients to reapply annually as long as they maintain the GPA and enrollment requirements.


These scholarships are distributed to the college or university in one lump sum. Students may use this money to pay for tuition, room and board, books, meal plans, lab fees or any other fees assessed by the school.


Students use the non-traditional scholarship for a variety of reason. It can be used towards the continuation of an Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral degree. Some may use it for continuing education purposes for their careers or for a certification to help them advance in the working world.


A college degree is not something that is reserved solely for those who choose to pursue it immediately after high school. Thanks to the non-traditional component of FEC’s scholarship program, everyone in East Chicago now has the opportunity to pursue their educational dreams.


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