To not have to worry about the burden of paying for college and being able to focus on career choices from the beginning is a rarity for today’s aspiring college students. Former FEC scholarship recipient Guy Rhodes was able to take advantage of the assistance given by Foundations of East Chicago from 2000 – 2004 and focus strictly on his academics.


While attending Columbia College Chicago, Guy’s plans were to become a freelance lighting designer and photographer/videographer. Thanks to hard work and some financial assistance, he was able to chase down his goals and is living them today.


“I was fortunate to be surrounded by other self-driven creative types who were pursuing what they were passionate about,” Guy said.


He also said that it would be a missed opportunity for students to not apply for financial assistance through Foundations of East Chicago, especially because the organization understands the unique difficulties facing East Chicago students.


Guy thanks FEC for helping him start his career and maintains that he will be forever grateful to the organization for opening up so many doors for him.


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