Like many high school students today, Alexis Figueroa had dreams for college that far outweighed what he and his parents were able to afford. However, he never gave up.


Alexis had hopes of attending Manchester University, a small but prestigious private school located in central Indiana, for his Bachelor’s degree. While the cost of tuition at a private school like Manchester can be daunting, Alexis found ways to make it work.


“The FEC (Foundations of East Chicago) scholarship has made it possible for me to afford attending Manchester University,” said Alexis, who heard about the scholarship program from his teachers at East Chicago Central High School.


FEC is an organization that works to benefit the people of East Chicago primarily through grants and scholarships. FEC invests in non-profit organizations and students so that they may, in turn, invest their time and talents back into the community.


“Make sure to work on all aspects of yourself and FEC will make sure to aid in your pursuit of self-betterment,” Alexis advises.


Alexis, who graduated from high school in 2014, is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Science degree in biology-chemistry at Manchester and plans to apply to either medical school or a science graduate program in the future. For now, he is enjoying time spent learning at his dream school.


“I couldn’t see myself attending any other institution for my undergraduate degree,” he said.


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