To ensure that future students are ready and prepared for forthcoming challenges, programs and projects are set in place. The Ready to Soar school readiness program is one of the options used to teach the children about what to expect when entering kindergarten.


The first pilot of the Ready to Soar project in 2013 was a collaboration between Early Learning Partnership, School City of Hammond, Griffith Public Schools and School City of Hobart with funding from the Legacy Foundation College Readiness Grant and Success by Six.


The program was created based on the reaction of the growing number of parents who were unaware of school readiness. Many children were entering the kindergarten level without any preschool experience and low literacy skills.


Another reason behind the increase in the program awareness was because recent research has proven that improved early elementary school performance is positively linked to parent involvement and transition programs.


These programs are created to provide future young students with the opportunity to more clearly understand the transition between grade levels and to be better prepared. To learn more about this program, contact Early Learning Partnership at (219) 554-1710.


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