One of the most stressful things about graduating high school is the idea of sending out college applications. Any help that can be found or provided should be taken advantage of because of the strenuous college application process.


Some applications do cost money but there are some ways to help relieve the student from paying fees. For example, some colleges waive application fees in September. Now generally the school semesters start in August, so this would mean the student must apply the year before in order to possibly waive the fees and gain interest from a college.


Another option is asking the school guidance counselor to submit a fee waiver request in order to avoid application fees from colleges. Now in some cases, colleges don’t charge any fee for applications. This is the time in which future high school graduates and potential college goers should take advantage of great possibilities that require time and effort but no money.


Students are always encouraged to apply online simply because the process is more tranquil. Also, more scholarship opportunities are usually listed online with the applications.


So what are you waiting for? Apply for college today and get on the path to your future career. Internship opportunities, traveling possibilities and job prospects are only some of the benefits that come from FEC’s scholarship program. To learn more information about the organization and possible scholarship opportunities, call 219-392-4225 or visit