Rooted in the mission of Jesus Christ and the tradition of Blessed Catherine Kasper, Bethany Retreat House is dedicated to help individuals nurture their inner life and respond to the God who dwells within.  The Bethany Retreat House is furthering its mission by reaching out to people hungry for “more” in their lives; busy people; people in service or ministry roles; people interested in inner work; people interested in dream work.


The staff of the Bethany Retreat House, which is sponsored by the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, would like you to take away an awareness of Bethany Retreat House as a place that will offer resources and support in living a reflective life in relationship to the divine. They also encourage you to come to Bethany for a program, a daytime silent retreat, for ongoing spiritual direction, or to join a dream group.


One particular participant visits the Bethany Retreat House regularly for a daytime retreat. This same participant is also in a dream group and has availed herself of other Bethany offerings over 20+ years.  She states that, “Retreating at Bethany is life giving, refreshing, energizing. It re-charges my battery and brings me closer to God.”


A number of the people who come to Bethany are people involved in service to others. Their finding quiet space and resources for their own inner work empowers them to continue and deepen their lives of service.


“The Foundations of East Chicago has helped us continue to meet operational expenses by periodically funding some significant technology expenses and a partial one-year salary. We are most grateful for their belief in and support of our mission.”

~ Sister Joyce Diltz, Director


With the support of the Foundations of East Chicago, the Bethany Retreat House will continue to help people find their own peaceful center so that they can be a person of peace and love in their dealings with others, thus fostering better, safer, more viable communities in East Chicago and beyond.


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