Ready to Soar is a program that was created for parents to help showcase children’s strengths, pinpoint areas of concern and expose the unique needs of the soon-to-be kindergarten student.


Another benefit of Ready to Soar for the local communities is that success screenings are available in Spanish, as well as English. The Spanish-speaking individuals make up roughly 34% of the East Chicago residents. This is another great tool to have because it allows Ready to Soar to help more parents become involved in their children’s academic lives.


While Ready to Soar has the long-term goal of improving students’ educational performances, there are several short-term goals of the program as well. They are as follows:



1.To make parents aware of potential educational concerns in their children.

  1. 2.To inform parents about their child’s readiness skills and support service opportunities.
  2. 3.To inspire parents to employ strategies for building self-help.
  3. 4.To inform schools of the skill levels of incoming kindergarten students.
  4. 5.To make parents aware of core competencies.


To learn more about this program, contact Early Learning Partnership at (219) 554-1710.



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