A Positive Approach to Teen Health (PATH) has partnered with the Foundations of East Chicago (FEC) to bring health education and mentorship to East Chicago teens. The program that has been serving participating students throughout the school year is called Liv.True. It brings college student volunteers to East Chicago teens to deliver a curriculum based on making healthy choices surrounding drugs, sex, alcohol and relationship violence while promoting habits that lead to positive self-worth. Liv.True is just one of the programs offered by PATH. Check out the list below to learn about the others.


-Positive Potential: This program features curricula tailored to teens in grades 6-8 and addresses subjects such as bullying, self-confidence and risky behavior. The problems and scenarios utilized in the curricula for this program center around situations particularly relevant to youth living in the rural areas of NWI.


-Horizon: The curricula for this program focus on issues such as sex, primary and secondary prevention, healthy relationships and communication, future goals and peer pressure. The middle school students who participate in Horizon will note that many of the scenarios presented in the program resonate with youth living in the more urban areas of NWI. These specified curricula help to promote a higher success rate of the program and an overall more positive experience had by the participants.


STARS Mentoring Program: In addition to Liv.True, PATH offers another mentoring program called STARS, which stands for Students Teaching About Relationships and Success. This program is unique in that it is a peer-mentoring format where high school upperclassmen partner with underclassman to teach the core elements of self-awareness and future focus.


To learn more about PATH and other organizations that are positively impacting the youth in East Chicago, sign up for the FEC e-newsletter or visit www.FoundationsEC.org.


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Photo taken from www.positiveteenhealth.org.